Reggie Solomon's Beard Oil - Merlin
Reggie Solomon's Beard Oil - Merlin

Reggie Solomon's Beard Oil - Merlin

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Finally here!  The new Reggie Solomon's Beard oil! 
In Reggies own words: "This stuff is hand made using the finest quality oils!  The best stuff mate!"
GypsyLune has put together an amazing blend of oils to help soften the beard and help the skin underneath stay healthy and moisturised. Argan OIl, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Oil and a few other goodies that we ain't sharin' !

How to use this stuff:

"Right, well firstly you want to put 2 pumps in ya hand, yeah? Ya’ can't be scrimping on it.... No!

Go on rub ya hands together, there you go smart boy! Now rub it in, don't forget under your f**king chin.. Jeez anyone would think you've never done this before!

Comb it, brush it, style it how ya’ like, there ya go.. right, yeah, now go on, f**k off!"


50ml Glass bottle with pump top so no messy spillages.

Fragranced with a blend of oils of: 
Rockmelon, Bergamot, Palm Leaf, Sea Spray, Musk & Hibiscus