The Gypsy behind GypsyLune 
Owner and founder of GypsyLune, Irene has been making magick since she could remember. Mother for four children, natural born green thumb, kitchen witch and entrepreneur. From childhood she always knew, she was different.

Weird and often a loner, she 
saw and ‘felt’ things that others didn’t. Her mother’s love for all things natural and earthy also made Irene a bit of an outcast. Even in the crazy 1960’s growing up. While everyone had their lunches in brown paper bags, hers were wrapped in grape vine leaves to keep them 'fresh'.
(hippy child through and though) 

This kept her lunch 'cool' but certainly she wasn't 'cool' to the other kids. 

Having an older brother with special needs kept Irene's mother in a constant state of flux. Always looking for some ‘remedy’ to ease his pain and make his life as best as possible.

Doctors where the reason her bothers life, and her life was changed forever. While sitting on the sidelines, she spent her time watching and learning, that there is an alternative path to healing. Her mother taught her home remedies before it was even a 'thing' that she then passed down to her children.

The Store - A note from the founder
GypsyLune has come to be because of my amazing daughter and her incessant nagging for me to 'join' her in business, UrbanLune. After moving to the United Kingdom with her family, to reconnect with her Celtic roots and expand her business globally, I noticed her Australian customers needed nurturing that I was available to do offer. 

In all honesty, it broke my heart to let her go.

I knew she was on her own journey and this was her chosen path. Ever since she was young, greek mythology, mermaids, crystals and witchcraft have always been her bread and butter. Every birthday, holiday and opportunity she had, all she wanted was books on faeries, folklore, oracle decks and crystals.

I have watched her from afar recreate her practices and her original Aussie business UrbanLune to the European market. To say I am proud of her achievements is an understatement and although I gave her the basics fro
m her upbringing, the rest she has achieved herself.

We are descendants of Romany Gypsies and Celtic highland bloodlines and each generation has a different gift. We have an ingrained love of all gifts from Mother Earth, whether plants, divination stones, leaf scrying, tea leaf reading, crystal and mineral or the like.... we use our gifts to harness the healing energies of all things the goddess offers, to imbue them with love and pass the gathered knowledge on.

I know you will love our Gypsylune products and of course the UrbanLune range, as well. We will both continue to add new products to our ranges and keep the ones you love and adore.

Embrace the gifts that Mother Nature has to offer, share them with others. So they too can enjoy the benefits. Remembering that sharing is always done with love and compassion, that in itself is the greatest gift of all.

"A candle looses nothing, 
by lighting another candle". - James Keller 

- Irene Dee (GypsyLune)