Prosperity Crystal Kit

Prosperity Crystal Kit

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Abundance is our Birthright!

Attracting wealth and prosperity into our lives is so important as we all want to be abundant.  Attracting wealth to yourself is not going to take it away from someone else.  There is enough wealth and prosperity to go around.  When you "feel" you dont have attract more of that energy so its important to be grateful for what you already DO have and the universe will send you more because you are not in a state of lack! The crystals in our prosperity kit will keep your energy vibrations high to feel happy, healthy and wealthy!  

They come in a bag for you to carry with you or to use when meditating to bring in more wealth with the explanations of each crystal on a card for you to remember their meanings and remind you when you read it over and over of what they crystal will do for you.

PYRITE: One of the best feng shui stones for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance. Its energy is connected to the solar plexus chakra, which provides you with the motivation and will power you need in order to move forward in your career or investment decisions. It also removes any fears or doubts you may have that are blocking you from achieving success.

TIGER EYE: Assists with attracting wealth and breaking through financial blocks. When you harness the energy of Tiger's Eye, you’ll have the inner power to push through any obstacle that appears in your way. Great for improving business.

CITRINE: Citrine can be an easy way to align your energy with financial success. You can use it with the law of attraction to amplify its properties. It has warm energy that can assist you in achieving your financial goals, encourages you to let go of negativity and opens up space for attracting abundance.

GREEN AVENTURINE: Said to be the luckiest of all the crystals. Full of winning energy it is a positive stone for manifesting prosperity, wealth and abundance. It not only brings good fortune, but also provides opportunities to help you to create your own luck.

SELENITE: A powerhouse of cleansing and charging other crystals near it. Also excellent for warding off negative energies and protects everything around it