My Botanicals - Sleep Balm
My Botanicals - Sleep Balm

My Botanicals - Sleep Balm

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This is gentle balm is made with with 4 key essential oils to induce the best nights sleep!

A better alternative to the usual Sleep Sprays in that it cuts down using a plastic spray bottle, smaller in size and great when travelling and so easy to use!

Adults: Apply 30 minutes before bed to pulse points on your wrists and neck, and massage on your chest, neck and feet. Turn down the lights, put away the screens and let the beautiful aroma work its sleepy magic.

Children: Incorporate Sleep Balm into your child’s bedtime routine about 30 minutes before bed. Massage Sleep Balm onto wrists, chest, back and feet and allow your child to enjoy the soothing essential oils. For Ages under 6 months, Sleep Balm can be applied to the soles of the feet for a gentler effect.

  • Lavender: This essential oil contains potent chemical components such as linalool, linalyl acetate and camphor that act as anxiety relievers and sedatives. These components interact with the brain and nervous system to reduce agitation, restlessness, and aggression. This is why lavender helps you relax and makes drifting off to sleep easier.
  • Clary Sage: A natural sedative that provides a calming effect, helping you to fall asleep and stay that way until morning. It's also been shown to reduce the levels of hormones that have been linked to stress, such as cortisol, which makes Clary Sage instrumental in prepping your body for a solid night's sleep.
  • Rosewood: Rosewood is one of the most effective essential oils to use when looking to usher in a good night's rest sleep.
  • Cedarwood: essential oil is known for its sedative qualities and usefulness in treating insomnia.

Blended into a base of Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E.