Morgana Crystal Soap

Morgana Crystal Soap

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Morgana is a Goddess of battle, fertility and sexuality. The Goddess Morgana has also incarnated as Morgan le Fay the Celtic Queen of the Fairies. Le Fay translates to “the Fate” or “the Fairy” and represents healing magick. She is a protector during battle imbuing her followers with magick and protection.

These beautiful soaps contain a Crystal that has infused its energy into the soap so as you bathe you are revitalised with its qualities. 

When the soap is spent you have a beautiful crystal to add to your collection.

The base of the soap is a blend of Shea & Oatmeal with a Glycerin, Coconut foaming extract.  Free from parabens, sulphates & palm oil!

The crystal is Black Obsidian: A stone of clarity, with the ability to release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension. Obsidian is also known for clearing ancient traumas, detoxification, and encouraging personal growth. Obsidian is one of the most popular crystals for protection.

Fragrance: Sandalwood & Saffron

Sandalwood: Clears Negative Energy: Because of sandalwood's purifying properties, it is believed to help clear negative energy from our surroundings. 

Saffron: Saffron has long embodied the essence of wealth, affluence, and luxury. Consequently, queens of lore luxuriated in baths gilded in Saffron and enjoyed its aphrodisiac qualities. Moreover, there’s a mystical power within Saffron wherein many have found their pathway to the universe’s secrets.