Microfibre Face Towel

Microfibre Face Towel

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The Gypsylune Microfibre towels are revolutionary and a must-have addition to your daily skincare routine. They are safe to use daily if they are laundered properly after every use. Microfibre face towels offer many advantages over most regular cotton facecloths.

How to use: Wet the facetowel with warm water, then wipe over the face gently and remove makeup and grime.  These towels will remove eye makeup and foundation without the need to use any products beforehand.  Rinse and repeat to make sure the skin is completely clean.  

For acne prone skin we recommend washing the face with our African Black Soap then rinse off again using the towel.  The skin will be clean and ready to apply your moisturiser or serum.  

ACNE PRONE SKIN: It is imperative that you moisturise after cleansing.  If the surface of the skin is left dry the oil glands will work overtime to resoften the skin.  By using a moisturiser designed for oily skin, this will form a protection layer over the surface of the skin and reduce oil secretion.

Benefits of using our Microfibre face towels include:

  • Super absorbent. Microfibre towels can quickly absorb liquid to dry your face faster and with less friction. Less friction means less potential damage to the skin. Many fabrics, like cotton, do not absorb well, and dirt and bacteria get pushed around the skin's surface.
  • Soft, gentle fibers. The softness of microfibre towels is perfect for patients with sensitive skin that can be irritated by rougher towels.
  • Exfoliation. These towels can help exfoliate dead skin cells gently to help prevent breakouts and give you radiant skin. A buildup of dead skin cells often leaves skin dull.
  • Quick drying. Microfibre towels dry quickly, which leads to less bacterial and fungal growth on the towels. This keeps them cleaner and may help prevent breakouts.
  • Lightweight. These towels are lightweight. You can travel with them or transport them in your gym bag. You never have to use regular towels again.
  • Versatile. You can use microfibre towels with a cleanser to wash your face, gently exfoliate, and dry your skin. Many use them as makeup removers also.
  • Antibacterial. Microfibre are so ultrafine that they can trap and remove small bacteria.