Mercury Retrograde - April 1 - 25, 2024
Mercury Retrograde - April 1 - 25, 2024

Mercury Retrograde - April 1 - 25, 2024

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Yes, it’s the first Mercury retrograde of 2024, and brace yourselves because this one might be a wild ride!

It’s that time again, folks—the dreaded season when old flames slide into our DMs, schedules get jumbled, flights are missed, and the weight of the world feels that much heavier.  Officially kicking off on April 1 and lasting until April 25, we start feeling its effects from March 19. when the retrograde shadow period begins. During March 19-31, keep an eye out for any simmering issues in your life, because they may escalate during the retrograde.

What’s the scoop on this Mercury retrograde, and why is it shaping up to be more chaotic than usual? For starters, it’s happening in the fiery and dynamic sign of Aries. Aries, ruled by Mars, influences our actions, drives, and passions, lending this retrograde an impulsive and restless vibe. My advice? Take it easy during Mercury retrograde, and particularly watch out for impulsive actions in the coming weeks. While Aries energy pushes for quick decisions, remember that it may cloud your judgment, leading to potentially hasty decisions.

Aries also governs identity as the first sign of the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if you’re grappling with questions of self during this period. Resist getting caught up in self-doubt; instead, take time to reflect on whether you’re living authentically. It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves in the daily grind, and this retrograde might stir up drama in areas of life that no longer serve us.

Let’s also consider our assertiveness in communication. Thinking before speaking will be crucial in the coming weeks. With Mercury in Aries, conversations may be direct and sharp, and misunderstandings are more likely during the retrograde. So, take a moment to breathe before engaging in potentially contentious dialogue. This advice applies across the board, not just to tough conversations. Expect mental and communicative flow to be reactive, so practice patience.

Crystals: Kyanite, Amthyst and Carnelian

Kyanite: is a high vibrational stone that creates very rapid transfers of energy, opening up psychic channels to activate the mind center. Luckily for those having trouble processing information during Mercury Retrograde season, Kyanite accentuates your mental capacity.

Amethyst: Help protect you during Mercury retrograde, it's also great for everyday use. It is thought of mostly as a protective stone. As it is linked to the crown chakra, it is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts.

Carnelian: Helps an Aries to embrace their life's true purpose, offering courage and strength even during periods of stress. It's helpful for manifestation too. It's a traditional Aries stone and is linked to the sacral chakra, reigniting an Aries' signature creativity, sense of self-worth and passion. As MR is in Aries this is the perfect crystal.

Oil Blend of Mandarin Orange, Zesty Grapefruit, Green Tea, Black Tea, Lychee, Geranium &m Cedar Leaf