Incense Trio Pack

Incense Trio Pack

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Trio Pack includes 3 Boxes with 12 Sticks in each box

Crystal Cleansing Incense: Perfect quick alternative to cleanse your crystals

Chi Force Incense:  Align your chi for health, increased spirituality and a strong flow of energy from the universe. Perfect for meditation.

Aqua Sagrados Natural Incense  Aqua Sagrados means "holy water." These incense sticks from Green Tree provide a natural scent experience. Only the makers of the holy water know exactly what ingredients are in aqua sagrados. What is certain is that only natural ingredients are used. With these incense sticks from Green Tree you bring the cleansing power of aqua sagrados into your home. The scent provides peace and purifies your home. The origin of aqua sagrados - Aqua sagrados means "holy water." Holy water is a secret mixture of water with 16 types of leaves that is made in seven days. The preparation of holy water is a complicated process, in which according to the old traditions a priest is present. The result is a complex, spicy scent. Aqua sagrados incense is often used to purify body, mind, and living space. Incense with holy water is not for nothing popular to burn during meditation.

Green Tree masala incense sticks are natural and hand-rolled using mixtures of herbs, gums, resins, woods, and oils.
The fragrance is so unique because of the fine blend of flowers, oils, spices, resins and rare fragrant gums.

This is a high-quality incense made from all-natural ingredients.
Made in India.