Happiness Intention Candle 300 grams
Happiness Intention Candle 300 grams
Happiness Intention Candle 300 grams

Happiness Intention Candle 300 grams

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Our new Happiness Candle has a raw Citrine - a cheerful happy crystal that attracts abundance.
The FLOWERS......are also very special as they are a mixture of WILDFLOWERS I picked on myself from the side of the road in my travels.....roses from my own Witchy garden......and flowers given to me by hostesses and customers to use. A little bit of majick from me....mother nature....and you !
Fragranced with Lemon Myrtle. Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (backhousia citriodora) possesses an especially
inspiring and invigorating sensory effect.
Refreshing, relaxing, innovative, and calming.
Promotes improved concentration and may help ease depression.
Spiritual properties: Happiness, joy, grounding, healing.
HAPPINESS. It must always be our focus. Many people fall into the trap and say...... when this happens.....Ill be happy. When I get this or that......I'll be happy.
The secret to happiness is: Be happy NOW!! No matter what! Even in adversity.....focus on what we have already and be thankful for it....and the other things we seek .....will follow. Its the Law of Attraction. Therefore this is the reason I have created our HAPPINESS candle.
I have been an avid follower of The Secret for over 10 years (watch the movie on Netflix) as it aligns with our Gypsy/Witch heritage in that what you give out.....you will get back. What you think about.....you bring about. So as you light this candle think about being happy NOW. After 2020 we learned to never take ANYTHING for granted, our family, our freedon, our health, our businesses and livlihoods because within a matter of days, through no fault of our own......the brakes can be put on very hard. Mother Nature has slapped our bums and made us sit on the couch and give her some time to breathe, whilst we be still and think about our behaviour.
So with this AGE OF AQUARIUS dawning right now....a new year.....a new decade...... lets focus on HAPPINESS.