Happiness Intention Candle
Happiness Intention Candle

Happiness Intention Candle

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Our Happiness candle is for those whose intention is to BE HAPPY.  
HAPPINESS must always be our focus. Many people fall into the trap and say...... when this happens.....I'll be happy. When I get this or that......I'll be happy. The secret to happiness is: our mindset, it's a choice!  This candle also makes a wonderful GIFT for someone who needs some joy and happiness in their life.  Every time they light the candle and see the label, it will remind them to focus on being happy!

Even in adversity, focus on what we have already and be thankful for it...show love and gratitude for what is in front of us and we will attract more and more. 
This candle features a raw Citrine, a cheerful happy crystal that attracts abundance. The flowers, roses from my own garden. A little bit of magic from me....Mother nature... for you!

Fragranced with Lemon Myrtle. Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (backhousia citriodora) possesses an especially
  • Inspiring and invigorating sensory effect.
  • Refreshing, relaxing, innovative, and calming.
  • Promotes improved concentration and may help ease depression.

The crystal is RAW CITRINE.  Citrine can help you to release feelings of stress and overwhelm, and promote feelings of joy and happiness. Its vibrant energy can uplift our spirits and help us to see the brighter side of life. The bright, sunny energy of Citrine can help you to dispel negative energy and call in positivity. Citrine is also known for its ability to attract abundance and success, making it a popular crystal for manifesting happiness and prosperity.

Please note the dried flowers decorating the surface of the candle need to be pushed away from the wicks before lighting to prevent them catching alight.  Once the wax begins to melt you can push the flowers into the melted wax.