Forgive and Forget - Intention Candle 600 grams
Forgive and Forget - Intention Candle 600 grams

Forgive and Forget - Intention Candle 600 grams

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Forgive and Forget!

If you love the Sanctuary Body butter/soap then you will LOVE this as I've used the same Lime and Lemongrass oils in it.  600ml and around 150 hours of burn time so will last you ages and your house will smell divine. So read on about the ingredients and meanings to see if this is for YOU!

Lemongrass Essential Oil brings calm and helps center one with the simplicity of forgiving; ourselves and others. It teaches us the balance of “Forgive and Forget”. Helps us realize that we are who we are and all choices have been made by us,Lemongrass Essential Oil is one of the Angelic Fragrances and is cleansing for the physical that impedes the spiritual. For times when the emotions are embedded in misery and unable to escape from it, and in need of help to overcome it. Lemongrass can aid in developing psychic powers.

Lime Essential Oil is intensely bittersweet and a feminine energy. It can get you into action, but never discreetly. Think loud and egotistical; subtlety is not where lime is at. It can uplift your environment. If you’re feeling uninspired Lime oil may clear a path to greater creativity.

The crystal is Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite is a gemstone that stimulates, balances and heals issues with the Heart Chakra. It is a stone that helps you heal from deep wounds and learn to forgive. If you feel you need a healing space, loving comfort, and to stop self-blame or guilt, then Mangano Calcite will support you.

Mangano Calcite assists you to accept yourself and your actions.

This pink stone has a lovely sweet energy, with a vibration that is all about love, compassion and forgiveness. 

It also helps you to let go of experiences from the past, especially where you still feel fear or grief about something that happened at that time. 

They make a strong connection to the higher heart, which is the region that relates to spiritual heart based feelings.

This connection aids you to have a greater comprehension of the value of self love.