Transformation Crystal Kit

Transformation Crystal Kit

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Transformation can be moving on from a broken connection, healing from traumatic experiences, or dealing with grief. A transformation can be triggered by a certain event or can occur over a linear timeline. It can be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual. It can also be a negative transformation or a positive one.  Only you can choose!  Our Transformation Crystal kit is designed assist you to make POSITIVE changes, to move forward and leave the negative past behind.  It can be a struggle the your mindset will decide the outcome. 

They come in a bag for you to carry with you or to use when meditating to assist you in your transformation,  with the explanations of each crystal on a card for you to remember their meanings and remind you when you read it over and over of what the crystals will do for you.

MOONSTONE: Known as the crystal for new beginnings. It helps us to embrace change and transform ourselves to where we want to be. Said to be white labradorite it therefore has the same vibration and helps us to connect with our higher self bringing to us the changes we desire.

KYANITE: Is a powerful crystal for transformation as is thought to help connect the spiritual and physical worlds and facilitate the flow of energy between them. Kyanite is also said to be helpful in promoting self-realization and personal growth. The name is derived from the Greek word for ‘Blue’ which makes an excellent stone for communication thus assisting us to say what we want and then to go and get it.

PICASO JASPER: A stone of transformation and change that helps you embrace new opportunities, overcome fears and grow as a person. Assists in the positive transformation of relationships, through attracting positive people into one's life. It emanates a beautiful energy that stimulates creative ability to bring it into manifestation, while enhancing will power to persevere with that which one desires, to make changes to one's life's purpose.

HOWLITE: Howlite is excellent for manifesting the changes you want in your life and will help you immensely in your transformative process. It helps release past traumas that have had us stuck in the energy of old patterns and people. Howlite assists in letting go and moving forward in the direction of your desires. It has the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive energy to assist you on your forward journey.

SELENITE: A powerhouse of cleansing and charging other crystals near it. Also excellent for warding off negative energies and protects everything around it.