Kiss Me Quick! Intention Candle - SMALL SIZE ONE ONLY
Kiss Me Quick! Intention Candle - SMALL SIZE ONE ONLY

Kiss Me Quick! Intention Candle - SMALL SIZE ONE ONLY

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Clearance - these were made during the large glassware shortage

Kiss-me-Quick is the candle for you if you want to attract a new love interest into your life or enhance an existing Romance.

The Crystal is Rhodonite!  These crystals have a heart based energy that makes them useful for relationship issues. They are also known to facilitate emotional healing as well as release blocked energy from the heart chakra. It acts to stimulate and support acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love towards ourself and others.

Rhodonite has a 'heart based' energy and so as a healer if we have been alone and seeking a new love it stimulates us to open our heart to new love!  If we are already in an existing relationship and it needs a bit of a boost.....then this stone assists to heal that gap and bring your hearts back together.

This beautiful blend of oils is the ultimate mix of fruit and floral. It starts with top notes of apple, luscious peach, and ripe grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea. The vanilla and hint of powder in the base balance the sweetness of the fragrance.  

Hand grown by GL the Red Rose petals to symbolise Romantic Love! 

Please note the dried flowers decorating the surface of the candle need to be pushed away from the wicks before lighting to prevent them catching alight.  Once the wax begins to melt you can push the flowers into the melted wax.