Metis - Goddess Power Candle
Metis - Goddess Power Candle
Metis - Goddess Power Candle

Metis - Goddess Power Candle

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Metis, the Greek titaness of wisdom and cunning! This powerful Goddess serves as a symbol of foresight, planning, and resourcefulness, reminding us of the power of wisdom and cleverness in navigating life’s challenges. 

Metis says you know exactly what to do in your current circumstances but asks you: Do you have the courage and committment to make a wise choice?

Metis teaches us the importance of wisdom, strategy, and intelligence in achieving our goals. She also reminds us to be cautious and think before acting, as impulsive decisions can have unforeseen consequences.

The Goddess Metis learned a painful lesson long ago and does not want you to go through the same experience. She chose to make herself small, dim her life force and inner light, and reduce her power to keep love. Who or what in your life is causing you to do the same? Do you dim yourself out of fear of reprisal or because you have a sense that you are unworthy and unlovable, or perhaps too much or too smart?

The Goddess Metis offers an important alignment task:

  • You must face this fear, this anxiety, and say a resounding no.
  • Be brave and courageous and ask how you can be part of the solution.
  • Playing small is an excuse to not be accountable for your personal power and to not be effective in the world.

OILS USED: Blackberry, raspberry, floral blend, musk and vanilla.

CRYSTAL: Amethyst.

Amethyst means ‘not intoxicated’ and comes from the ancient Greek word – Amethystos.  Drunken behavior is often associated with a muddy mind, high emotions and clumsy decisions. As the antidote to this, Amethyst is therefore associated with crystal clear clarity, deep contemplation, and a sense of control over life.  Just as Metis is encouraging us to be - In control and to be able to do this we must make WISE choices!

You have an abundance of life force energy in you, so come out of the shadows and let yourself shine!