Chakra Spray - Vishuddha

Chakra Spray - Vishuddha

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Throat Chakra

A balanced throat chakra helps you communicate with clarity, wisdom and discernment. When your throat chakra is open and balanced, you will find that you are not only able to speak fearlessly and with compassion, but you will also be open to listening to and hearing others.

Our Vishuddha Chakra Spray is made with distilled water and has essential oils of Lavender, Neroli and Frankincense.

Use before Yoga or Meditation or when you are working on clearing your Throat Chakra.

Lavender Essential Oil. -  Lavender promotes peace, love, and awareness. When we feel love in our hearts and peace, deeper layers of emotional pain can surface to our conscious awareness.  This is necessary for clearing of the repressed energy and allowing free flow through the throat chakra.

Frankincense Essential Oil: It has a high spiritual frequency and it is regarded as Holy oil.  For throat chakra healing, this oil is beneficial in cases of under active thyroid. I have read a number of reports when people have healed their thyroid disorder with the use of Frankincense essential oil.

Rich, deep, and sweet, Frankincense increases spiritual awareness and connection with the divine within.

Crystals used are Amazonite:

Amazonite: Being a throat chakra stone, Amazonite also invites you to test out crystal clear communication and to practice putting beautifully healthy boundaries in place. It invites you to move out from the fear of the shadow of judgement and to step into the light. Whatever expectations others place upon you are nowhere near as important as the truth of your own heart.

Element - Sound

Keywords - Sound, communication, vibration, expression, truth

Lesson - I follow and speak my truth

Inner State - Harmony

Basic Need - To express Truth

Colour - Soft blue

Additional Information: The Throat chakra is our centre of communication, governing self expression - how we speak our truth with clarity and authenticity.  In Sanskrit, Vishuddha means 'purification', signifying the purifying vibrations of sound, the energy of the words we speak and hear.  We construct our lives through language, making it a critical ingredient of manifestation - the throat chakra helps us use it with intention and purity of spirit.

Please note these sprays do not contain added preservative and therefore should be used within 6 months.  The reason for this is to keep the energy of the spray as pure as possible.