Chakra Spray - Anahata

Chakra Spray - Anahata

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Heart Chakra

Our Anahata Chakra Spray is made with distilled water and has essential oils of Rose, Bergamot, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Use before Yoga or Meditation or when you are working on clearing your Sacral Chakra.

Rosewood Oil: This oil can help to lead us out of the reclusive state that can occur when the Heart Chakra is blocked and remind us to appreciate the love in our lives. It works to balance our emotions and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety we may feel when we are isolated and lonely.

Bergamot: one of the most commonly used oils by Aromatherapists to treat those suffering from depression and anxiety. Bergamot oil can help to open the heart chakra through releasing stress and enables us to let go and release feelings of needing to be in control. 

Jasmine: Warm, rich, floral, and sweet in its aroma, Jasmine Essential Oil has been a symbol of hope, happiness, and love in many spiritual traditions.  It can clear energetic blockages locked up in the heart. As humans, we tend to hold our energetic problems and stresses in our muscle tissue.  Jasmine does a great job of removing these blockages that may feel physical but are actually energetic. 

Sandalwood:  This grounding woody oil promotes self-esteem and awakens our sexuality opening us up to greater unconditional love. Sandalwood not only opens up our hearts, it also helps the heart chakra, so that love may be sustainable, constant, nourishing, and grounding (as opposed to fleeting, harmful, destructive, or inconsistent). It keeps us introspective and reflective, compassionate, thoughtful, and considerate.

Crystals Used -  Green Adventurine

Green Aventurine: provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It renews one's optimism for life and pushes us to take action to acquire what we want in this world. This stone urges one to get out of their comfort zone and take on new opportunities. Aventurine is that of the ‘heart healer’. It is linked to Anahata, the Heart Chakra, the activator of love, appreciation, and inner harmony.

Element: Air

Key Words: Love, breath, balance, affinity, unity, healing.

Lesson: I love and accept myself completely

Inner State - Joy

Basic Need - To love and be loved.

Colour: Green

Additional information:

At the centre of the chakra system sits the very core of us: our physical and spiritual heart.  The heart chakra integrates and balances the chakras above and below it, bringing wholeness and inner peace.  Its Sanskrit name Anahata, means 'unstruck', or unhurt and clean.  Anahata is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and joy. It is the source of deep and profound truths that cannot be expressed in words.

When the heart chakra is in healthy alignment you will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy and connected to the world around you. You will feel open to all experiences in life, and it will feel like challenges, especially in relationships, flow through you and are resolved with ease. An open heart chakra allows us to see all of the beauty and love around us, and truly connect to ourselves, our loved ones, and the natural world. This chakra also helps direct love back to ourselves to truly be able to love and accept ourselves and our bodies.