Chakra Spray -  Ajna

Chakra Spray - Ajna

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Third Eye Chakra

Our Ajna Chakra Spray is made with distilled water and has essential oils of Rosemary, Jasmine & Clary Sage

Use before Yoga or Meditation or when you are working on clearing your Third Eye Chakra.

The third eye chakra brings the gift of seeing.  Its Sanskrit name, Ajna means both 'to perceive' and 'to command' referring to our ability to take in images and also to use imagination to form our own stories and pictures and thus to control our reality.  This is the chakra of the mind, intuition and wisdom that allows us to see beyond perceived reality, transcend limitations and attain spiritual clarity.

When our Third Eye Chakra is balanced we not only see what is happening around us, but also comprehend it, feeling it deeply with compassion and understanding.

Rosemary: One of the best oils for aiding concentration, rosemary is fresh, herbaceous and invigorating. It’s a perfect oil when you need to tackle mind-related tasks, or something that requires a lot of stamina. It can help you stay in a place of high vibration for longer, such as meditation or visualization, and may allow wisdom to flow more freely into your consciousness.

Jasmine: Warm, rich, floral, and sweet in its aroma, Jasmine Essential Oil has been a symbol of hope, happiness, and love in many spiritual traditions.  It can clear energetic blockages locked up in the heart. As humans, we tend to hold our energetic problems and stresses in our muscle tissue.  Jasmine does a great job of removing these blockages that may feel physical but are actually energetic. 

Clary Sage:  Brings emotional stability and feelings of clarity. When you access your inner knowing through your third eye chakra you can make decisions that fulfill your full potential and support you in your goals. Clary Sage Essential Oil is a great essential oil to balance your third eye chakra to help cleanse negativity and bring in clarity to your mind’s eye.

Crystals Used -  Lapis Lazuli

One of the most treasured and mysterious stones, Lapis Lazuli looks like a star-studded night sky, inviting you to look deep into the heavens. This stone will help illuminate your way, help connect you to your spirit guides, and aid in dream recall. Lapis will slowly open your third eye, expose you to broader and deeper ways of thinking, and encourage your spiritual development.

Element: Light

Key Words: Colour, seeing, visualisation, intuition, imagination.

Lesson: I am open to exploring what cannot be seen

Inner State - Illumination

Basic Need - Connection to higher self

Colour: Indigo

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