Celestial Crystal Candle - Sacred Space
Celestial Crystal Candle - Sacred Space

Celestial Crystal Candle - Sacred Space

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We have created this beautiful candle so burn in your own Sacred Space when meditating or when you want quiet time.  It has an amazing blend of oils for your spirit as well as the benefits of the beautiful Lepidolite crystal

Fragranced with Teak Wood, Rosemary, Lemon, Neroli, Cedar Leaf!

Teak wood is said to be naturally imbued with the mystical properties of the khodam spirit which resides in the sacred tree. Due to the spiritual powers of the khodam spiritteak wood emits auspicious energies and blessings. Teak wood is thus considered holy wood!

Rosemary is protective, can rid one of negative energy, increases creativity, awakens the heart and soul and can increase sensitivity. 

Lemon Oil promotes ultimate and spiritual health and well-being. The oil promotes love with its uplifting effects.

Neroli Oil is mostly used as an emotional remedy to help free mind and spirit of fears, tension, uptightness.

Cedar Leaf: Among the Navajo, Lakota, and other peoples of North America, Cedar is considered one of the most sacred ceremonial herbs. Many Natives refer to it as “Evergreen Life”, and use it as an offering to the Spirit World, to amplify prayer, to bless and consecrate, and as an aid in visions. It is also used in helping the body and mind in times of spiritual anxiety and stress. In another traditional sense, Cedar is used as a spiritual guide, helping one finds one’s purpose in life and helping one stay on their sacred path.

The crystal is Lepidolite

The Lepidolite crystal and brings a sense of awareness!  The name comes from the Greek word for scale because of its association with restoring balance and harmony! Make peace with the world by calling on the Lepidolite crystal stone meaning to discover your true purpose in life. If joy is calling, it’s time to let go of anger, dry your tears, and show the world that you’re ready to be a hero in the next chapter of your own epic novel.