Abundance Candle
Abundance Candle

Abundance Candle

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In a spiritual context, the notion of abundance or plenty is less about material conditions revolving instead around an appreciation of life. In it's fullness, joy and strength of mind body and soul. Is this where you want to be? Then this candle is for you.

Fragranced with Orange Blossom and Bergamot oils. Bergamot has commonly been used to attract money and success even though abundance comes in many forms.  Magical properties of Orange Blossom include luck, love, money, happiness, spiritual grounding, peace and stability.

The Fluorite crystal and chips name comes from the Latin word "Fluor" meaning FLOW.  Let the abundance of the Universe flow to you in which every way you desire!

Fluorite is a stone heralded for its spiritual detoxification abilities and tendency to transform negative energy into positive energy, boosting our mental clarity and promoting peace of mind. By doing this it helps us to appreciate what we already have in life and thus a feeling of abundance.