Unf*ck Yo'Self Riutal Candle
Unf*ck Yo'Self Riutal Candle

Unf*ck Yo'Self Riutal Candle

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 Back for  LIMITED TIME the original UrbanLune Ritual Candle Range.

Same naughty labels, same great aroma!

Unf*ck YoSelf Ritual Candle was inspired by UrbanLun's Ritual Spray of the same name.  It has all the qualities of the Ritual Spray! 
Ritual Cleansing Crystal Candle to rid thyself of Bad Juju and lowers the level of f**ks you give!

The crystal is Rose Quartz.  A Crystal often associated with romantic love yes..... but more importantly SELF LOVE.  The soft Pink hues of Rose Quartz make it an excellent crystal for anxiety.  Rose Quartz will help you feel more open, loving and accepting of yourself.  After a long anxious day come home and put your feet up with a nice glass of wine (or herbal tea) light your Candle and let the worries of the day drift away.

The 2 oils in this candle are:    

Blue Cypress releases the emotions of pessimistic, rampage and ruthlessness. It releases irritation on a mental and physical level.

Jasmine, the name itself comes from a Persian word” Yasmin” which means “Gift of God”.
Jasmine was commonly grown in ancient Egyptian temple gardens. Used in many love mixtures for it's ability to attract physical and spiritual love. Magical properties of jasmine will attract money towards you, induce psychic dreams and prophecy, bring ease to a grieving heart, attract beauty, improve wealth status and improve self esteem with her confidence raising abilities.