Turquoise Crystal Bracelet - 8mm - Extra Large Size

Turquoise Crystal Bracelet - 8mm - Extra Large Size

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Southwestern Native Americans believe that turquoise represents the life-giving waters and green tones of nature. Many also believe it is a protective stone because of its deep connection to the earth. Native Americans believe people who wear turquoise jewelry attract helpful spirits and repel negative energy.

Turquoise is thought to bring peace and tranquillity into one's life. It is also thought to offer protection from evil spirits and ill premonitions. It is regarded as a stone of harmony and compassion that relieves anxiety, tension, and stress.

The central crystal is CLEAR QUARTZ to enhance the energy of the other crystals

These beautiful AAA grade crystal bracelets are now made in house!

These new bracelets are threaded with extra strong thread to eliminate the possiblity of them breaking.