The Green Witch - Prosperity Bag
The Green Witch - Prosperity Bag

The Green Witch - Prosperity Bag

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Our new Prosperity Bags contain 4 Abundance Crystals that have been set in Sea Salt infused with Orange Oil and Cinnamon Bark oil - 2 powerful essential oils to put you into a Money Mindset! As well as a Basil Leaf to attract prosperity to you.

These have then been placed in a "Gold" Bag (the colour to represent wealth) and includes a plastic pouch with the sea salt mix for you to use over and over to keep your crystals charged with this powerful combo.

Do NOT wash the crystals after removing from the salt mix when you recharge them as you want to be able to breathe in the essential oils.  Orange oil puts you in a money mindset and cinnamon has always been associated with use in wealth creation magick.  

Pyrite, Citrine, Green Adventurine and Tiger Eye.

Pyrite also known as Fools Gold will help strengthen your confidence by teaching you that life is full of abundance and endless opportunity. Helps you have a clear mind, fine-tune inner dynamic energy, and gives wisdom to move through business- and work-related challenges.

Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine stone brings sunshine into your life when you need it most. Its radiant energy cultivates positivity, growth, and abundance. A Citrine tumbled stone is unique in the mineral kingdom because it is one of the only crystals that does not store any negativity. Working with its energy infuses your soul with happiness and light, opening you up to new opportunities and positive possibilities that already surround you.

The Aventurine crystal meaning helps to remove all doubts and negativity from your system so you are open to new possibilities and lucky breaks whenever they present themselves to you. 

Besides teaching you to be open to new opportunities, the Aventurine crystal stone meaning also boosts your courage and confidence to go after every chance you get and make the most out of every situation. Through shifting your perspective and taking action, you can become luckier in all aspects of life, and your Aventurine crystal will amplifier your luck even more. 

Because of its bold, encouraging energy, a Tiger’s Eye crystal is the ideal stone for building courage in all areas of your life. The powerful Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning is also especially impactful when it comes to attracting wealth and breaking through financial blocks. When you connect with this energizing stone, let it be a reminder that the path to success might be full of challenges, but when you harness the energy of Tiger's Eye, you’ll have the inner power to push through any obstacle that appears in your way.

Cinnamon Bark Oil: is associated with the base chakra, making it very beneficial for  bringing material success and luck, improving health, and attracting love and creating passion.  Used for centuries in spells for bringing prosperity and luck to those that use it.

Orange Oil: Since ancient times, oranges have been revered as a symbol of fortune, and abundance in Chinese culture. They are especially used around the Lunar New Year as an emblem to invite more prosperity into the coming cycle. The color orange is often used in the same symbolic way. The word “orange” has a double meaning that translates to “wealth” when spoken in Mandarin, which adds even more potency to the meaning. 

Basil Leaf: It is believed that basil brings wealth because the leaves look a little like paper money. If you want to invite money and wealth into your life, place pots of basil near your door. By doing so you will bring luck and prosperity into your home. By caring for your basil plants you are also helping your fortune and success grow

Sea Salt: Renowned for purification it is also used widely in Green Witchcraft for cleansing and protection!