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Taurus 300 grams

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Taurus Zodiac Crystal Candle
Introducing our 2021 Limited Edition Zodiac Crystal Candle Collection. 

Inspired to capture and amplify each Zodiac's traits and attributes our candles are designed to work with the energy of Taurus Season. Infused with hand-selected crystals to help manifest and work with the energy of Taurus. Drawing upon the energy of the crystal and sympathetic magick (aka candle magick), our candles are designed to help us work through the common cycles and lessons of Taurus Season 2021

The Zodiac Collection is very unique as we have worked with the forecast for each Zodiac for this year. Some may find this year difficult and needing to work through issues, old cycles and bad behaviour patterns. While others will find this year one of work and success. The crystals inside are to help assist in those experiences and help us through our journey. Once we are aware of what we need to work with/on this year can be one of clarity and growth. 

Our candles are designed for Taurus Star, Moon and Rising Signs and to be used during the season and throughout the year. We designed this collection for both people who are born with Taurus in their charts but also those that would like to work with Taurus Energy in manifestation, intention setting and healing. 

c/ Snowflake Obsidian 
Stone of rebirth. Shedding away the emotional layers and story's we tell ourselves. 
Expressing yourself. 

This season is one of shinning a light on your finances and growth in community. You may find that by building a community, this will help assist you in your growth. Especially for those of you, who run your own business. 

There has been a feeling of stagnate and stuck energy. Finally that feeling is going to lift around January to March and you will feel this new vigour to take the initiative. Stop procrastinating, use this forward momentum to propel yourself forward in your finances. This is a year of planting seeds and reaping the harvest of your hard work.

You have been reinventing yourself a lot recently, there has been a sort of chaotic energy over the past 8 years. Going through a lot of difficult financial lessons and difficult lessons in marriage. There is a releasing of old toxic mindsets that is going to change your energy forever. 

This is your time, as if you are finally stepping into the light, you have been doing too much behind the scenes work. Use your voice, let go of your fears and speak up for yourself. 

Some of you may find you are going to be moving, in order to get some more stability. (Even though that sounds weird). You might feel uncertain and some might be sad about this move but ultimately it is going to be positive. As a Taurus you need that stability. Now is the time to take your energy back. Once you start to find this momentum and new strength, you are not going to go backwards.

Taurus main aspects of the year will be of change in career, new opportunities of growing wealth. Investing your money or time into a new project to bring abundance into your life. 

As personal and financial freedoms open doors you may find yourself realigning your values and beliefs. Take time to ask yourself if the information from this source good information to take? Ask for a second opinion. Pay attention. Allow others to assist you as this observational energy surrounds your aura. Examine your beliefs, develop a 'back bone' and place some boundaries.

Overall this is a very positive year, with good fortune, luck and a period of innovation. 

This is the hard work. This is the toil (these are actually my families words) 

Taurus Energy is about putting in the work, showing up consistently. Through this steady growth they are able to reap the harvest and indulge in the offerings. Taurus knows how to move and build methodically.

They know their own mind. They tend to not be swayed be others, however that doesn't mean that are incapable of sudden growth and change, it just that this change will not come from outside forces. They enjoy life luxuries and pleasures and small comforts. Taurus season is not only about the work the body can do, but all the pleasures that come with it. 

Work with the Taurus energy to promote self care practices that are not the 'normal' or common practices. Things like removing yourself from toxic people, stop listening to the opinions of people who aren't accomplished themselves. 

Take care of your body, your sense of self. Take for instance.. inner work, meditation, exercise, courses for self development. Investing in yourself. Doing the 'ugly' side of self care. Get back to nature, feel at peace from outside influence. Focus on the present moment. Ground your energy. Take a moment to just breathe and then get on with it. 

Work with snowflake obsidians to weed out toxic thoughts. Feel this rebirth this year, you are not going to be the same person you were at the start and we all are going through serious transformations.