Sage Yo Sh*t Ritual Candle
Sage Yo Sh*t Ritual Candle

Sage Yo Sh*t Ritual Candle

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Back for  LIMITED TIME the original UrbanLune Ritual Candle Range.

Same naughty labels, same great aroma!

Sage Yo Sh*t Ritual Candle was inspired by UrbanLun's Ritual Spray of the same name.  It has all the qualities of the Ritual Spray!  Put it in the hub of the home and watch that bad energy disapper!

Cleansing Ritual Candle for Bad Vibes, Ghosts and creepy ex-boyfriends!

Put it in the hub of the home and clear away all that negativity!

Sage Yo' Sh*t features Carnelian -  a stone of protection, stability, and vitality. "It's a great one to program with the intention to become more fearless and courageous in all that you!  Carnelian has many uses and assists the Sacral Chakra - where our inspiration and creativity come from!

The oils used are Palo Santo and Sandalwood with White Sage.  
Palo Santo is most widely used for spiritual purification and energy cleansings. 

Palo Santo when translated into English from Spanish is  "Holy Wood" as its  beleived to attract Angels. 

Palo Santo is one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Its sweet scent of pine, mint, and lemon has, for centuries, been a harbinger of healing and good fortune.

Sandalwood - The spiritual benefit of sandalwood is that it can calm one when needed, it can stimulate awareness help bring good luck, it can get rid of any negative energy around you, will helps you concentrate, can get rid of stress, it helps with sleep, can control anger and helps with meditation.