New Moon in Aquarius Candle
New Moon in Aquarius Candle

New Moon in Aquarius Candle

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Our Monthly New Moon Candle is a stand alone, one only candle for you to tap into the energy of the upcoming Moon cycle.  It will only be available for the upcoming New Moon and in this case until February 9, 2024.  Then it will be discontinued immediately as the Moon cycle has started and it needs to be burned from the beginning of the cycle for the benefit of its energy.

To fully understand the energy of this moon phase and candle....please take the time to read the blog below:

The second new Moon of 2024 lands in Aquarius, bringing you an opportunity to set your frequency for the rest of the year. Aquarius teaches us to think in terms of energy. Life is a constant give and take of energy. We are constantly absorbing and reacting to the energy around us. We are also defining it. Some days we shape the collective. Other days it shapes us.

The new Moon in Aquarius is a time to recognize how it feels to absorb the energy around you versus how it feels to define it. It’s a time to decide how you want to feel.

Aquarius asks that we break out of old patterns and into a new paradigm. This new Moon, the Sun and Moon land near Saturn, the planet of responsibility. Saturn asks that we commit deeply to what matters most to our souls.

As you clear out the expectations of others, feel into who you really want to be. Feel into who you are in your soul. What kind of life do you want to live? What do you want to accomplish? And what are your markers for happiness?

This new Moon in Aquarius challenges you to unlimit yourself, see past your self-imposed barriers, and reach for a new vision—one that breaks the mold of anything else you have tried to do.

When you write intentions this new Moon in Aquarius, keep in mind how you want to feel. Use your intentions this New Moon to help you set the frequency you emit into the world. What you emit is what you attract back to you. It’s also your contribution to the collective energy that shapes us all.

Decide how you want to feel and what truth you want to live by, and let it set the tone of your vibration. When you feel yourself slipping into another vibration, come back to the one you want in your life. Commit to maintaining the frequency that makes you feel aligned with your soul and in charge of your life.


Find a quiet place to sit, make yourself comfortable.  Light the candle and with a pen and paper write your intentions for this cycle on the paper.  What do you want to release?  What do you want to focus on between now and the full moon?  Read what you have written and send it out to the Universe.  Fold the paper and keep it under your candle.

Light the candle every few days for 2 -3 hours as you do keep in mind your intentions that you are working on.  

At the end of the cycle (the Full Moon) your candle should almost be otherwords there should be around 1 cm still of wax in the bottom.  Dont burn any lower than that for safety reasons.

Get the paper out with your intentions that you set.....light the paper with the flame from the candle and drop into a fire proof bowl and let it burn.  On the full moon take the ashes and release them into the garden.

When the remainder of the candle is cold......remove the crystal, wash with hot soapy water to remove any wax residue and carry the crystal with you put it on your bedside table so when you wake each day and see the crystal ...... it reminds you what you intended and keeps you on track.

Crystal: Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is a mixture of white quartz and amethyst and is a powerhouse for setting new intentions.

  • One of Chevron Amethyst’s benefits is it helps people make new beginnnings by eliminating old habits and promoting mental growth.
  • It revitalises the mind and body to increase strength and energy assiting you to set your resolves and stick to them.
  • The best way to activate Chevron Amethyst is to hold it close to you when setting your intention for a new start and personal development.

Flowers: Agapanthus. Comes from the Greek word agape which translates to love.  Prized as a flower for love, affection and devotion. Agapanthus flowers are also associated with the throat chakra, which is responsible for communication and self-expression. They are believed to help individuals speak their truth with clarity and confidence!  Just what you need with this New Moon cycle.

Fragranced with the following blend of oils: Zesty Orange Peel, Green Apple, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Cyclamen, Lilac and Geranium, Cedarwood and Citrus Musk.