Mandala Himalayan Salt Lamp

Mandala Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Lamps are a great way to help cleanse the air and remove toxic smog in your home.

This one features the Mandala - The word mandala itself simply means "circle" in Sanskrit. A Mandala generally represents the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers.
Ancient Hindu scriptures depict mandalas as a period of creativity, of powerful existence, and a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the universe at large. In modern day, mandalas have become a popular symbol of meditation, which aids in enhancing focus, silencing thoughts while meditating, combatting stress and anxiety, appreciating the beauty of nature, and forming a greater connection with oneself.

These beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp are perfect to light up your space while bringing the power of the various talismans to your home.

Size: 18 cm diameter aproxx
Weight: 4 Kgs
Package Includes:
Power Cord
2 × 15 watts light bulbs