Malachite Bracelet with Gold Tree of Life Charm

Malachite Bracelet with Gold Tree of Life Charm

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This beautiful handmade AAA grade Malachite Crystal bracelet features a gold over sterling silver Tree of Life Change.

Malachite is the healer of grief and aids in leaving the past in the past as you move on!

The Stone of Transformation, Malachite, will help you with the challenges and surprises that life can throw at you from time to time. It will take care of you and protect you when you are feeling your most vulnerable and help you adapt to change and make these changes positive.

Occasionally the change is not forced upon you but instead you feel the need for change. Whether it is a change in lifestyle, relationships or circumstances that you desire, Malachite will be your encouraging and supportive best friend.

Malachite will help you recognize the good people around you as well as spot the toxic relationships and give you the strength and confidence to remove these people from your life.

Malachite can assist in fighting depression and anxiety. It can also help you deal with a number of phobias, including the fear of flying and the fear of heights.