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Libra Zodiac Crystal Candle
Introducing our 2021 Limited Edition Zodiac Crystal Candle Collection. 

Inspired to capture and amplify each Zodiac's traits and attributes our candles are designed to work with the energy of Libra Season. Infused with hand-selected crystals to help manifest and work with the energy of Libra. Drawing upon the energy of the crystal and sympathetic magick (aka candle magick), our candles are designed to help us work through the common cycles and lessons of Libra Season 2021

The Zodiac Collection is very unique as we have worked with the forecast for each Zodiac for this year. Some may find this year difficult and needing to work through issues, old cycles and bad behaviour patterns. While others will find this year one of work and success. The crystals inside are to help assist in those experiences and help us through our journey. Once we are aware of what we need to work with/on this year can be one of clarity and growth. 

Our candles are designed for Libra Star, Moon and Rising Signs and to be used during the season and throughout the year. We designed this collection for both people who are born with Libra in their charts but also those that would like to work with Libra Energy in manifestation, intention setting and healing. 


c/ Rhodonite
Healing stone for emotional balance and healing old wounds of the past. Helps achieve ones highest potential. Builds confidence and alleviates confusion. 

If you can dream it, you can have it! 
This will be the overall energy of the year. There is a powerful and creative energy surrounding you, with a lot of abundance and love in your cards. What a new positive year for victory, you have been waiting for this energy for 3 years and it is here now!

You may be focusing a lot on finances this year and it will be one where it pours in. The financial freedom that you desire will be overflowing. Allowing your to purchase those things you have been wanting, and giving you comfort and a some luxury in life. 

Last few years you could be dealing with a 'liar cheater stealer' kinda energy. This toxic situation will be put to rest as you break away. Both relating to job, finance and security as well as relationships.  

There is space here for some of you to be getting into a very serious and passionate relationship. Perhaps with another fire sign or a fixed sign. It will be one of new beginnings and one that makes you really happy. You may find you're in this situation if you notice how this person makes you forget about the past. 

Be mindful to not be tempted with an ex or someone from the past. It might screw something up that could be really special. Don't fall into that trap, especially the "I'm flirting because I'm bored" Getting stuck in the past is only going to bring that drama into the present. Using this candle is really going to assist in the healing from your old hurt and wounds from the past relationships. Some could be dealing with PTSD from this toxic situation. Take time for yourself. Set boundaries in every area of your life in order to look after yourself.

Make sure if you want to get into a relationship that you are ready for it. They are a lot of work, once the butterflies and excitement goes away you need to make sure you both are on the same page. This could be a soulmate or twin flame, someone from the past or even a past life. Take your time with this, don't rush in and focus on enjoying the moment you're in. You have time for weddings and babies in the future. Chill girl. You do you first. 

Throughout the year you may find you are starting to see somethings or someone clearly. Seeing their true colours come to light. Now is the time the universe is shinning their light down upon them causing you to be enlightened to what is happening. There is this energy of being stuck in a trancelike state. You will be breaking free of this situation, finding new paths to venture down in order to feel a new sense of freedom.

Sometimes things seem scarier than they actually are and it's time to bring your fear back down to earth and get some perspective. Take your dreams and times them by 10! You have what it takes, the sky is the limit and this new success might be the thing giving you financial freedom you have been asking for. Keep the motivation up and reap what you sow! The more love and happiness you share, the more it will be coming back to you. 

** Non Libra** 
Moving through this season we will have a Mercury in Retrograde try and make sure you're being present in your relationships. Take time to really listen to them. Remember, a long-term healthy relationship, or even a promising crush, is not worth the brief adrenaline burst of sexting with someone that you shouldn't. Over the next three weeks focus on your self-care. Take time off social media to protect yourself. Think about going through and unfollowing or removing people from your life that are toxic. Good loving vibes. Enjoy yourself and focus on your loved ones. 

Burn this candle in your bedroom for love or in the heart of the house (Kitchen) Take a warm bubble bath and burn this in your room to promote love peace and healing. You'll want to use this candle throughout the entire year if you're looking for love or healing your current relationship.