Heimdall - Norse God for May 2022
Heimdall - Norse God for May 2022

Heimdall - Norse God for May 2022

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Our Norse God Candle for May 2022 is Heimdall - the Watchman of the Bifrost.

In Norse mythology, Bifröst or Bilröst is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.

May 10 - 31 the planet Mercury goes retrograde,  Mercury being the planet of communication and clear thinking can cause a lot of disruption  when its retrograde and so like Heimdal.....we need to be ON WATCH!  Check and recheck all forms of communication and travel plans.  Keep new projects in the "designer stage" until Mercury starts to move forward again in June.

Crystal: Black Tourmaline as it its grounding and protective during this time.  It holds memories so it helps us remember to be vigilent.  The crystal chips all 7 colours of the rainbow to remind us how the rainbow bridge - Bifrost is the link between heaven and earth.

Fragrance: A blend of Bergamot, Amber, Narcissus, Iris, Vanilla and Lemon.  


Heimdall as watchman represents protection. However, this is not the classic brash force of Thor (although he is certainly capable of battle) but rather the sober and reflective action of one who keeps the watch and thinks ahead. Heimdall is as likely to inspire your own skills and awareness so that you can protect yourself as to grant protection. These lessons are not easily learned, and in all cases and the price is sometimes an awareness of things once unnoticed.

Heimdall is one of the most focused of the gods! A god of perception“He needs less sleep than a bird; he sees equally well night and day a hundred leagues from him, and hears how grass grows on the earth or wool on sheep, and everything that has a louder sound.” 

Communication. Gjallarhorn is a device for sending a signal loudly and across the worlds. That signal must be clear and unambiguous. Likewise, Heimdall can be a good inspiration for important and clear communication. Remember, however, that Gjallarhorn is rarely (possibly very rarely) sounded, and such efforts should not be wasted on unimportant things.

Heimdall is almost always focused. His Duty is always first.  As one so called and intensely focused, he will often require dedication and rigid standards. This does not make him sour, but he is hardly the boisterous type like Thor. Actions are important elements to honouring and dealing with Heimdall, as he will always honour deeds above words. Words are easily said, while actions require that we strive to achieve things.