Harmonia - Witches Cauldron Candle
Harmonia - Witches Cauldron Candle

Harmonia - Witches Cauldron Candle

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Our Harmonia Cauldron Candle comes in a reusable metal cauldron. 110ml across, stands 90 cm high and burn time is around 80 - 100 hours. 

HARMONIA was the goddess of harmony and concord. She was a daughter of Aries and Aphrodite and as such presided over both marital harmony, soothing strife and discord, and harmonious action of soldiers in war.

She had the ability to influence all forms of peace, including mental, physical, spiritual and conceptual ones,and the ability to end all conflicts,


Our GypsyLune Witches Cauldron Candle has been inspired by her and includes 3 very special crystals! Raw Amethyst , Green Amethyst and a Clear Quartz point! As well as a medley of flowers, rose, calendula, salvia and geranium as well as amethyst and citrine chips.

Raw Amethyst is the crystal of inner harmony. It is known to offer relief from stress, protection, and inner harmony. It also allows you to tap into your spiritual centre, resulting in a sensation of balance.

Green Amethyst also known as Praisolite is a calming stone that brings peace, happiness and harmony. Prasiolite helps with fertility and helps to relieve tension and stress. It is a stone of strength bringing positivity, prosperity and self respect.

Clear quartz is commonly used for its ability to cleanse and purify energy. It is said that Clear Quartz produces a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surroundings of positive ions, protecting the aura. Clear quartz increases awareness and clarity in thinking and provides knowledge of time and patience.  It also amplifies the energy of other crystals near it so this Clear Quartz point will energise the qualites of the Amethyst points either side.

Fragranced used is a blend of different vanilla's, lemon, rose, jasmine and musk with a hint of orange.  Smells good enough to eat!!

When the candle is spent, remove the crystals and wash out in hot soapy water to remove any wax residue.  Use a teaspoon to gently remove the stickum under the old wicks.  Do not use any sharp instruments to remove as it may damage the surface of the cauldron.

Can be repurposed for your alter, burning incense or white sage or to collect the ash of the sage as you are smudging your home.