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Gemini Zodiac Crystal Candle
Introducing our 2021 Limited Edition Zodiac Crystal Candle Collection. 

Inspired to capture and amplify each Zodiac's traits and attributes our candles are designed to work with the energy of Gemini Season. Infused with hand-selected crystals to help manifest and work with the energy of Gemini. Drawing upon the energy of the crystal and sympathetic magick (aka candle magick), our candles are designed to help us work through the common cycles and lessons of Gemini Season 2021

The Zodiac Collection is very unique as we have worked with the forecast for each Zodiac for this year. Some may find this year difficult and needing to work through issues, old cycles and bad behaviour patterns. While others will find this year one of work and success. The crystals inside are to help assist in those experiences and help us through our journey. Once we are aware of what we need to work with/on this year can be one of clarity and growth. 

Our candles are designed for Gemini Star, Moon and Rising Signs and to be used during the season and throughout the year. We designed this collection for both people who are born with Gemini in their charts but also those that would like to work with Gemini Energy in manifestation, intention setting and healing. 


Stone of transformation. Restore your energy supplies. Shields negativity. Gives confidence and perseverance. 

There has been a major shift and shake up in your life regarding values. This season will be one of shifting your perspective and shinning your inner light. Avoid toxic people that keep popping up in your life. For some Gemini, you may find that certain person is getting their karma. Getting the justice for what has been going on over the past 3-8 years. You could find yourself feeling as if you need to escape from this person. 

Throughout the year from May onwards you may find yourself pulled in a new direction. This is positive. There is a string focus on your health and fitness this year as it's is going to be important for your mindset, keeping yourself happy and positive.

This could also be your outlet, by be thoughtful this year in finding new creative ways to express yourself. This is not the time to bottle things up. You need this sense of escape and may find turning to your creative side will help give yourself meaning, and some substance in your day to day. 

By the middle to end of the year you may find yourself feeling as if you have finally reached the finish line. You cannot make everyone happy and there are external circumstances that could push you to your limits. Be mindful of taking on too much responsibility. Water your own grass before you start saying 'it's greener on the other side' 

Really trust your intuition this year, some people could be apologising to you and trying to come back into your life again. If they don't want to put the work in, don't bother. Don't allow others to push you around and pay attention to warning signs.

Even though I wouldn't leave after the first red flag, you definitely should! haha but seriously, get a second opinion. Get out of your head and back in your body. Enjoy life because the obstacles are being removed now. Walls are coming down. You have plenty to be grateful for. Just turn around and see exactly what is waiting for you around the next corner. 

It might be that new love or new romance you have been waiting for. 

** non Geminis**
This beautiful season is about community and communication. We are going to feel the added need and desire to socialise, learn something new, explore something wonderful and share that information. Gemini's are naturally intellectual people and love to converse. 

For those who have been working on a project, YouTube, writing a blog or anything intellectually creative, this is the candle for you. Especially if you're experiencing any writers block. Open your mind and work with Labradorite to shield you from any negative outside influences that are trying to bring you down. Seek something new in your own city, town or place if you're unable to travel.Dive into a new book to escape if you're in isolation. This is the time to express yourself.