Dont F*ck Wit My Magic

Dont F*ck Wit My Magic

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UrbanLune's exclusive Dont F*ck Wit My Magic Ritual Protection Spray. 

Protection Spray to rid thyself or curses, accidental 
hexs + sucky bitches.

With so many new witches it seems everyone is throwing shade on each other and hexs are so big its like its going outta fashion.

Well to help raise the vibes, we designed our latest ritual prection spray to aid in removing curses and hexs. This is also if you have hex'd yourself! We work with the moon cycle and infuse a blend of crystal essence and essential oils for our hand blended protection magick.
The good bits inside: 
Rose Essential Oil + Sandalwood Essential oil
Snow Flake Black OB, Emerald, Rainbow Moonstone
Infused in Distilled Luna Water from the 
full moon
 100ml Clear PET Plastic spray bottle
Black Atomiser with Lid 

or 250ml PET Plastic Black Spray Bottle
All plastic is 100% 
 ** Please note that as these are essential oils inside, we advise you keep them out of direct sunlight. ** Black Bottles help for your essential oils to last longer. Now available in the bigger sizes. 

Please note we cannot guarantee removal depending on the level of the hex and offer you too seek guidance with your coven or elders. Work with some sound bowl cleansing to ground yourself and remove the energy that has latched itself upon you.  Don't let others low vibrations drag you down. 

Don't allow other witches to f*ck with you either. Stand your ground but make sure you are sending back the good and light side of magick. Just because others use black magick, doesn't mean it's stronger. 

P.S it does smell great! 👍