Crystals 101 Course - NEXT COURSE IN JUNE
Crystals 101 Course - NEXT COURSE IN JUNE
Crystals 101 Course - NEXT COURSE IN JUNE

Crystals 101 Course - NEXT COURSE IN JUNE

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Our first Crystals 101 course has proven to be a great success and so we will repeat in again in June 2023.  The exact dates will be announced at the end of May 2023 and the Venue is TO BE ADVISED.

You can purchase this early as there are only 5 spaces per course!


  • 10 different crystals that I use in the course in various shapes. THESE ARE YOURS TO KEEP! Valued at $100
  • Your own copy of a new Crystal book just released from my favourite Crystal guru's from the USA. This new book retails for around $40 and you will get your OWN copy at the end of the course.  There are 52 crystals ONLY featured in this book making it a perfect beginners guide. Valued at $40
  • Crystal Grid Board - valued at $25

Total value of items included in the course $165 plus your own copy of all the notes to keep for reference.

Week 1

  • The Science behind crystals - why we should work with them
  • Crystal Shapes and what they mean energetically
  • Cleansing and clearing crystals for their optimal use
  • The 10 most commonly used crystals 
  • Full breakdown on using the first 5 of the 10 in the course

Week 2

  • Full breakdown on using the second 5 of the 10 in the course.
  • Colour meanings of crystals.
  • Understanding the 7 Chakra's and the association between them and  crystals 
  • Cleansing, Balancing and activating the 7 Chakras using the GL Reiki/Chakra Sprays as well as crystals.

Week 3

  • Making and working with Crystal Grids - Grid Board supplied
  • Using Pendulums 
  • Basic Crystal Combinations

Week 4

  • Presentation of the Book and a recap of what we have learned.
  • Time to chat and have some social time.