Carnelian Crystal Bracelet - INSPIRATION & SACRAL CHAKRA

Carnelian Crystal Bracelet - INSPIRATION & SACRAL CHAKRA

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Handmade at GypsyLune!  These beautiful AAA grade crystal bracelets are now made in house!

These new bracelets are threaded with extra strong thread to eliminate the possiblity of them breaking.  

The central crystal is CLEAR QUARTZ to enhance the energy of the other crystals.

Carnelian helps you to:
- Let go of past experiences that are holding you back
- Work well under pressure, without feeling overwhelmed
- Be productive and efficient so that you don't burn out
- Take action! instead of overthinking things and hesitating
- Embrace challenges and see them as a chance to level up
- Have courage and confidence in yourself and in your unique skills and talents
- Overcome fear and step into your power
- Move past limiting beliefs. To know that you are deserving and capable of success in your endeavours
- Have strength to move through times of turmoil
- feel inspired and energised

The Sacral Chakra is located in the reproductive region. It is the energy center that connects you to pleasure.
Balancing your Sacral Chakra should eliminate feelings of guilt, shame and self-esteem issues. A balanced Sacral Chakra will awaken your sexual desire, intimacy, creativity and inspiration.