Love & Be Loved Gift Pack
Love & Be Loved Gift Pack

Love & Be Loved Gift Pack

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Our Love and Be Loved is the PERFECT gift for Valentines Day - Get your parter to buy it for you!  OR........if you want to do some SELF LOVIN' this is perfect for YOU!  

Do you know someone who has had their heart broken?  They want to attract new love?  Enhance existing?  There are so many ways to LOVE!

Maybe this is something THAT YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF!  Then make it a gift for you!

THIS IS A ONE OFF DESIGN and wont be repeated until Mothers Day.


Rose Quartz: 

This beautiful pink crystal is known as the stone of unconditional love, and it can be used to attract all forms of love – from self love and self care to romantic love, to platonic love.  

Rose quartz is a great crystal to work with because it promotes self love. This is very important, because without self acceptance you won’t have much success attracting the things you really want — you won’t think you deserve them!

It’s also a wonderful stone to hold while doing your affirmations. Carry or wear it throughout your day to remind you of your intentions.

This Gift Pack contains the following:

Large Love and Be Loved candle fragranced with Angel Wings

Desirable Crystal Soap


Rose Quartz and Rhodonite Morse Code Bracelet by Coco Aldren. The beads are placed in morse code sequence to say I love you!

If you dont have the need to gift to anyone.......Then Gift it to YOURSELF. 

VALUED AT $108-00