Gift Box - Amplify & Restore 2

Gift Box - Amplify & Restore 2

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Our Amplify & Restore Gift Box 2 is perfect for you to give to someone who has been 'going through' a lot and needs some nuturing. 

THIS IS A ONE OFF DESIGN and wont be repeated until Mothers Dayy.

Clear Quartz "the master healer" not only amplifies the energy of any crystal it comes in contact with but its pure white energy clears any negative emotional blocks, it soothes the Crown and Third Eye chakras.  It helps restore balance to your psyche and purifies your energy and thoughts to clear away that "stinking thinking".  Great for those who suffer with anxiety and depression.

This Gift Box contains the following:

Large Amplify & Restore candle fragranced with a mix of soft florals and gentle spices.  

Clear Quartz Generator Point natural crystal

Mother of Pearl and Clear Quartz Bracelet

2 Glass Refillable tea lights

2 Rose shaped soaps

Complete in a reusable wooden gift box.

If you dont have the need to gift to anyone.......Then Gift it to YOURSELF. 

VALUED AT $157-00