Faery Quartz Crystal Medium - One only
Faery Quartz Crystal Medium - One only

Faery Quartz Crystal Medium - One only

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Pretty Faery Quartz.......small but mighty!

Why would you use it?

If you want to inject more feelings of happiness and joy in your life, Fairy Quartz should be included in your crystal collection.

Its light and joyful vibrations will keep you feeling optimistic and hopeful no matter what challenges you are going through in different aspects of your life.

Fairy Quartz also has the ability to charge and cleanse your personal auric field. All the negative energies are washed away, making room for more positive energies.

This crystal is also used to remove energy disturbances, replacing them with more peaceful and stable energies that keep disharmony away.

It will help you in keeping this field of protection 24/7.

It will unlock and activate your psychic abilities and connect you to higher realms.

This crystal can be used for lucid dreaming and astral projection. Putting a few of these crystals under your pillow while you sleep will enhance your dream state.

It’s also an excellent meditation crystal.

Fairy Quartz carries the energies of perseverance and patience, which are very important in any healing situation.

The vibrations of Fairy Quartz will also elevate your sense of self-worth and give you relief from the painful memories of the past.

This way, you will be able to redirect your focus to the present and the positive aspects of your life.

Fairy Quartz also carries the energies of universal love. This crystal will help you let go of issues or trauma that you may be holding onto so that you can finally forgive yourself and the person who caused your pain.

Fairy Quartz crystals also radiate a powerful vibration that can align and cleanse your chakras.

They work to unlock and activate your third eye, crown, and higher crown chakras.

These crystals can align your lower self with your higher spiritual self and manifest your spiritual attributes in your daily life.

Fairy Quartz is a powerful crystal that will heighten your metaphysical abilities. They can also help you in your ascension process.

Fairy Quartz helps strengthen bonds within a group whether big or small.

The bonding qualities of this crystal make it an excellent crystal to keep in your home because it promotes happy and harmonious environments.

Its energies allow deep connections to form, especially when there are new members in the family.

Fairy Quartz is highly balancing that will also stimulate your spiritual gifts and abilities. It will neutralize any yin and yang energy that’s out of balance.

This crystal will help in healing past traumatic experiences. It’s a universally loving crystal that will promote deep healing.

Fairy Quartz also has a transformative power which can be scary for some because of its eye-opening ability to stimulate growth.

When you work with this crystal regularly, you will begin to see yourself the way other people see you.

This will bring you deeper wisdom and clarity.