Faerie Folklore Magick  -  Tuesday 13th December 2022

Faerie Folklore Magick - Tuesday 13th December 2022

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Starting at 7pm at the GypsyLune Shop 5/2 The Crescent Midland

Faeries are able to help us heal from all kinds of challenges, and one of the most wonderful ways they can intervene is through the healing of our fragile human hearts.

In the faery realm, love is respected and revered. You may be surprised to know that faeries love us – they find humans, our short and passionate lives, fascinating. They can become our allies, and with their help, we can heal once again and be ready for new adventures with open, trusting hearts.

All of what they do and how they help us is explained in this event with many old folklore facts after a lovely meditation finish off with messages from Faerie Cards.

The new Faerie Oracle Candle Range will be released by the time of this event and availabe at the shop.