Hammil Musk Charcoal Tablets
Hammil Musk Charcoal Tablets

Hammil Musk Charcoal Tablets

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A foil-wrapped roll of 10 disk-shaped, 33mm diameter, tablets of quick lighting charcoal for burning resin incense.

SAFETY TIP!  Keep away from children as these are very hot.  If using in a metal resin burner make sure the base is on a HEAT PROOF surface.

A relatively quick light charcoal which lights after (30 sec) and easily (using gas or bbq  lighter) and is good value for money. These charcoal disks will leave ash and crumble on burning. High-quality charcoal.

Approx. 40-60 min of burning 
time per disc. Roll of 10 charcoal disc tablets 33 mm in diameter How to use: Charcoal discs are easy and safe to use. Hold with tweezers and use lighter to get the coal burning. Blow until glows orange.