Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters -  Tuesday 17th January 2023

Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters - Tuesday 17th January 2023

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Starting at 7pm at the GypsyLune Shop 5/2 The Crescent Midland
If you’ve ever watched Aladdin and fantasized about how amazing it would be to have your own personal genie to fulfill your every wish (well, three wishes, but still), then you're going to want to sit down to receive some great news: It turns out, you kind of do have one—or rather, several. But instead of genies that have to be coaxed from magic lamps, they're spirit guides.


Spirit guides are beings specifically chosen for you. Their number-one purpose is to support you and guide you. Many have had lifetimes here on Earth and there is quite a spectrum of types of spirit guides (angels, ancestors, gods, goddesses, and spirit animals, and each offers its own unique blend of skills and wisdom to share.

The difference between your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters is explained in this event and also how communication can come through! The evening kicks off with a beautiful guided meditation "Meeting with Your Spirit Guides"!