A Little Bit of Reiki - Valerie Oula

A Little Bit of Reiki - Valerie Oula

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The Japanese art of Reiki can reduce stress, aid relaxation, enhance energy, and promote healing. Expert teacher Valerie Oula introduces you to this profoundly beneficial hands-on practice, providing a history of Reiki and an overview of how it works. She includes exercises you can do on yourself and on others, and shows you where to go and what to do to become a Reiki master.



In her words........

I’m a native New Yorker, and I’ll be honest here – I started out skeptical about the healing arts. Coming from a high-pressure job in the NY fashion world as a casting director and photo shoot producer, I used to say (not-so-jokingly) that I felt like I was the “manager of the worry store.” Healing was not exactly on my radar. 

 Then on New Year’s Eve of 2006, I was invited to a Zen Buddhist monastery for a 5-hour meditation experience. Up to that point, I hadn’t meditated for 5-minutes, let alone 5 hours -- but something in me knew I needed to go that night. While sitting on a wood floor that night, I heard guidance tell me that I needed to learn Reiki (a form of energy healing).

 Learning Reiki changed my life. Not only did I learn how to ground anxiety and shift painful patterns, the biggest gift it gave me was that it helped me reconnect to the magic of life. That wonder we all felt as kids.

My paternal great, great-grandfather came from Laos where he was the dream advisor  to the King (yep, the actual King). My great, great-grandfather’s work involved listening to the dream world and coaxing the shadowed meanings of the subconscious into the light. 

I think about this with amazement, because my own work feels connected to this healing lineage. My work is based on a principle of deep listening – listening to our dreams, to our bodies and to our emotions in order to find answers. In addition, my work also weaves in many other elements of holistic healing.