Confident Woman Freedom Cards - Eva Lenghart
Confident Woman Freedom Cards - Eva Lenghart

Confident Woman Freedom Cards - Eva Lenghart

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Confident Woman Freedom Cards

These 44 cards and their supporting guidebook will gently prompt you into deeper self-awareness by centring you in an authentic sense of self. From here, you can make empowering decisions that will assist you in reaping tremendous benefits, both now and in your future.

As you reflect on each card, the artwork stimulates your feelings and self-awareness, while the questions and guidebook will direct your thoughts to identify practical actions to support you on your journey.

Live your most powerful and rewarding life as a confident and free woman; a conscious creator of your desired experience. Make your life an example for others. Like a ripple that flows out from a central point, you will contribute to making this world an even better place, now and for future generations.

Author: Eva Lenghart

About the author..

Eva Lenghart is a self-development writer, intuitive artist, life coach and motivational speaker who shares the message that:
“Making a positive change in this world starts with you.”

These Confident Woman freedom cards are a summary of Eva’s life experience and lessons over the past 15 years.

Her heart felt vision is to share these gifts with you to help you shine even more in your life. And as a result of this, naturally be a positive change in the world.