Capricorn 300 grams
Capricorn 300 grams
Capricorn 300 grams

Capricorn 300 grams

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Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Candle
Introducing our 2021 Limited Edition Zodiac Crystal Candle Collection. 

Inspired to capture and amplify each Zodiac's traits and attributes our candles are designed to work with the energy of Capricorn Season. Infused with hand-selected crystals to help manifest and work with the energy of Capricorn. Drawing upon the energy of the crystal and sympathetic magick (aka candle magick), our candles are designed to help us work through the common cycles and lessons of Capricorn Season 2021

The Zodiac Collection is very unique as we have worked with the forecast for each Zodiac for this year. Some may find this year difficult and needing to work through issues, old cycles and bad behaviour patterns. While others will find this year one of work and success. The crystals inside are to help assist in those experiences and help us through our journey. Once we are aware of what we need to work with/on this year can be one of clarity and growth. 

Our candles are designed for Capricorn Star, Moon and Rising Signs and to be used during the season and throughout the year. We designed this collection for both people who are born with Capricon in their charts but also those that would like to work with Capricorn Energy in manifestation, intention setting and healing. 



Intuition, logic, stillness of the mind

There are going to be opportunities that arise this year. No doubt that you might be resisting if this opportunity isn't exactly what you want. Now is the time to be clear and ask for more information.

Put your plans into action, especially if you have been considering a new job or small business. Take the time to clean up any mess, emotional baggage, self-doubt, sadness. It is time to trust that the universe is sending you a gift, even if it doesn't always look like it at first. 

By working with Sodalite, calm your mind and connect to the universe. Perhaps writing down what you really want, especially regarding work and a new project. This year is about shining your inner light. Accepting that even though we might not understand how things are going to 'play out' we must let go of self-doubt. Trust in the universe when it offers you a new direction. This year can be very peaceful and bliss for you but saying no to something important can leave you very sad. Don't stay in that place. 

** Non Caps** Work with Capricorn energy to ask for their wisdom in business. Your candle will be perfect in any home office. For those also wanting to start a business, during meditation set your intention for what you picture your business to achieve. When good things are happening, keep up that momentum and take action. You can have some serious luck for opportunities coming your way in unexpected forms.