Brass Bell - Tibetan

Brass Bell - Tibetan

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A high quality brass bell is the best way to clear the energy in a room because the sound of a bell continues to resonate far beyond the time that you can actually hear it. 


To begin the clearing, hold the bell in your hands. Then, stand in the center of the room, ring the bell, and listen to the tone. A muffled tone means that the energy is stagnant, while a tinny or shrill tone indicates that the energy is erratic.

To correct the energy and bring it back into balance, start in the Wealth and Prosperity corner and move around the room clockwise. Hold the bell in your right hand and feel the energy with your left hand. Repeat positive affirmations about each area of the room, and continue ringing the bell until the energy feels clear. When you are satisfied that the energy feels positive, finish the process by making a figure “8" with the swinging bell to represent the infinity sign.

Material: Brass


Height:  14cm

The diameter of the bottom of the bell:  8cm