Big Witch Energy-Crystal Ritual Spray

Big Witch Energy-Crystal Ritual Spray

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UrbanLune's exclusive Big Witch Energy Ritual Spray. 

Awakening Ritual Spray for the witches who harm none but take no shit. They thrive in the chaos turning experience into lessons and know their worth. 

Our new spray has been designed with the intention to awaken the confidence in us all, show our strength and like the lioness inside show our pride for our worth. We can get through anything if it's one thing the events of 2020 has taught us is that we are powerful creatures even in our darkest moments.

This is the perfect pick me up for those who has lost that old confidence and wish to unleash the badass witch woman inside. 

UrbanLune has been working with a new blend of essential oils and crystal energies to capture these 2020 positive vibes and to create another ritual spray for our cult classic oringinal witchy ritual sprays. 
The good bits inside: 

Exotic Violets and Cucumber
Citrine Crystal Chips
Infused in Distilled Luna Water from the 
full moon