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Aries 300 grams

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Aries Zodiac Crystal Candle
Introducing our 2021 Limited Edition Zodiac Crystal Candle Collection. 

Inspired to capture and amplify each Zodiac's traits and attributes our candles are designed to work with the energy of Aries Season. Infused with hand-selected crystals to help manifest and work with the energy of Aries. Drawing upon the energy of the crystal and sympathetic magick (aka candle magick), our candles are designed to help us work through the common cycles and lessons of Aries Season 2021

The Zodiac Collection is very unique as we have worked with the forecast for each Zodiac for this year. Some may find this year difficult and needing to work through issues, old cycles and bad behaviour patterns. While others will find this year one of work and success. The crystals inside are to help assist in those experiences and help us through our journey. Once we are aware of what we need to work with/on this year can be one of clarity and growth. 

Our candles are designed for Aries Star, Moon and Rising Signs and to be used during the season and throughout the year. We designed this collection for both people who are born with Aries in their charts but also those that would like to work with Aries Energy in manifestation, intention setting and healing. 

c/ Fuchite 
The healers stone. Loving communication. 

Moving through Aries season we can feel that new flame ignite and a spark within ourselves to create something new this season. This will help us tap into our desires and what pleases us in life. What are we charging towards? 

There will be moments for Aries this year of sudden realisation and a truth coming up. Starting off the year you may find yourself going through a separation, ending some relationships and toxic energy you no longer want to be apart of anymore. The resources to remove yourself from this toxic situations are starting to show up. You may find yourself getting a burst of abundance or a new opportunity to make more money or move to a place that will help you break away from something that you feel is holding you back. 

Now is the time to seriously turn your life around, however don't let the fear creep in your mind that this is unattainable. You may need to mend situations and heal, there is work to do, however you are capable of achieving it. You just need to embrace your goals and tap into that Mars energy (your ruling planet) for focus and drive towards doing everything you have set out to do. 

Be mindful of your daydreams, the sky is the limit. If you're thinking about old hurts and endings, you may miss out on great opportunities coming into your life. Stop putting on a show for people that are not worthy of your energy. That doesn't mean that you too can be nasty because of your old hurt. Be mindful to not trample over other peoples feelings. Know that everyone evolves and are on their own paths, you too need to focus on where you are going this year. 

You are in control of the wheel of fortune. If you want positivity, be kind, show love, show passion and desire and tap into the positive aspects of your sign. Working with Ruby Fuchite connect with that youthful, life giving, new energy of your Zodiac. Use this crystal to connect from the heart when communicating. 

Take your power back, sometimes you need to dig through a lot of dirt before you reach your goal. Use that Mars, Aries energy to keep striving forward. By the end of the year you will be grateful for chasing what brings you joy. 

**non Aries***
Aries Energy is brilliant for motivation, desire, passion, strong will and taking any challenge head on. They tend to give you that fire to feel alive, assert yourself and take on a new sense of confidence. Stop asking for peoples permission, stop putting on a show. Do what sets your soul on fire. Do you sis. 

Working with Aries energy, set your intention for new inspiration, new challenges to over come, getting out of your comfort zone and focus on your goals. This is great to burn when you have a deadline, to really push you over that finish line. If you have been feeling lost after Pisces season and swept away with that spiritual pull, Aries is going to bring you back into your body. Use what you learnt last season to start checking off your 'To Do lists' and achieve your goals. 

If you're needing some passion in your sex life, this is also a great candle to burn for some lustre, new love and romance. Ruby fuchite is going to bring in youthful energy of joy, playfulness and laughter. Let go of those bottled up emotions, give yourself over to explore pure bliss. Some of you may have lost your spark, don't allow others to douse your flame. Ask yourself if this is really healthy for me? 

Ultimately strive for happiness. Surround yourself with what brings you joy, you'll need it this year.