Ritual Sprays - 5 Pack

Ritual Sprays - 5 Pack

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Get all 5 of our Ritual Sprays and SAVE $20!

Pack includes: Safe Yo Shit, Dont F*ck Wit My Magick, Unf*ck Yo'self, Big Wtich Energy and Down to Earth!

Sage Yo' Sh*t 
Made for bad vibes +  ghosts + zombies & creepy ex boyfriends...
Carry this on you at all times!  Its like having a White Sage Smudging wand on you at all times!  

Unf*ck Yo Self: Use this for meditation and calming in energy in your space before self care practice. Other forms of self care can include, yoga, sound healing, tarot reading or cleaning your house. Also spray when you have people around and once they have left, keeps the vibes in my moon chill af. 

Dont F*ck Wit My magick: Protection Spray to rid thyself or curses, accidental hexs + sucky bitches. Our latest ritual prection spray to aid in removing curses and hexs. This is also if you have hex'd yourself! We work with the moon cycle and infuse a blend of crystal essence and essential oils for our hand blended protection magick.

Big Witch Energy: Awakening Ritual Spray for the witches who harm none but take no shit. They thrive in the chaos turning experience into lessons and know their worth. 

Designed with the intention to awaken the confidence in us all, show our strength and like the lioness inside show our pride for our worth. We can get through anything and are powerful creatures even in our darkest moments.

This is the perfect pick me up for those who has lost that old confidence and wish to unleash the badass witch woman inside. 

Down to Earth: Grounding Ritual Spray for the anxious witches that need to chill the f*** out. Returning your power that was taken and aids in getting your head outta the clouds! 

From Courtney:  "Like all the Ritual Sprays in our ever-growing collection, I designed this for my everyday need to ground myself, focus and realign. I created a spell that every time I needed to connect to mother earth and centre myself I would take my ritual spray and cleanse myself to help me get my feet back on the ground"