Palmstone - Protection Black Onyx

Palmstone - Protection Black Onyx

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Carry these on you to help stay grounded and protected from negative energy. 

Common Healing Properties of Black Onyx:
  • Enhances clear focus.
  • Amplifies your intentions.
  • Promotes Divine order.
  • Encourages sensibility and clear thinking.
  • Enhances protection and shields you from negative energies.
  • Assists with grounding.

Palm stones, or crystal touchstones, are one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy that you want to attract. Simply holding a touchstone creates a powerful shift in your emotional state. It gives you a moment to calm the mind and tap into the healing vibrations of the earth. But there are more ways to use crystal touchstones than you probably realize.

If you’re new to using touchstones, we always recommend carrying your touchstone in a pocket or purse. This helps you to stay in sync with the energy of your intention. Use your touchstone as an energetic check on your emotions. Its energy acts as a guide, encouraging you to elevate your perspective, and take a more mindful approach to your day. Once you get the hang of that, begin incorporating other ways to use crystal touchstones in your daily practice. Whether you are looking to meditate, set an intention, ground your energy or sleep easier at night, you can use a touchstone to assist your goals. Not sure how to use palm stones? Improve your wellbeing and daily life with these 8 ways to use your palm stones! (Credit Energy Muse)