Ceridwen Crystal Soap

Ceridwen Crystal Soap

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The latest Goddess Crystal Soap Range has 5 different soaps in the Collection! These beautiful soaps contain a Crystal that has infused its energy into the soap so as you bathe you are revitalised with its qualities. 

When the soap is spent you have a beautiful crystal to add to your collection.

Ceridwen is a goddess of change and rebirth and transformation. Ceridwen is a goddess of the Underworld and is thus closely associated with the moon, intuition, death, and rebirth. Ceridwen is a Welsh sorceress, a white witch with the power of Awen. She can brew life-altering potions, to change her form, and to inspire knowledge and beauty in others. In some tellings of her legend, she is a goddess of creation and inspiration, giving her further powers. Ceridwen is the epitome of a goddess who embodies both the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ side of the divine feminine. She fuses, therefore, these dual elements into a powerful force that symbolizes death and rebirth, change, and potential.

The Crystal is Moonstone: Moonstone is a wonderful crystal for connecting you with your intuition. It can help you to listen to the voice within and encourage you to follow your instincts.  Using Moonstone honours the Goddess Ceridwen.

Fragrance: Vanilla and Bergamot.  

Bergamot holds the energy of joy, balance and strength.

Vanilla's magical properties of love, sensuality, seduction, peace, dreams, and luck.