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Green Witch Tarot

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Green witchcraft is a branch of paganism that has its bare feet planted solidly on the Earth. It incorporates aspects of northern European folk lore, Celtic mythology, folk magic, herbalism, earth energies, The Wheel of the Year, and Pagan belief.

As a current trend there are quite a few Wiccan and witchcraft tarot decks on the market; each one is attractive and sincere in it’s own right, but none is as mindful, thorough, complete and beautiful as Ann Moura’s Green Witch Tarot. A vast amount of thought and knowledge has gone into creating this deck and artist Kiri Ostergaard Leonard has parlayed this into gorgeous and detailed images.

This is a 78 card fully illustrated deck – 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana have been retitled to reflect Green Witchcraft beliefs, however the fundamental traditional meanings of the cards have not been sacrificed. The Major Arcana titles are as follows: The Greenman, The Witch, The High Priestess, The Earth Mother, The Horned God, The High Priest, The Lady and the Lord, The Battle Wagon, The Crone, The Holly King, The Wheel of the Year, The Standing Stone, The Oak King, The Lord of Shadows, The Sidhe, Nature, The Wild Hunt, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Harvest, and The World Tree.

The Minor suits are Pentacles, Athames, Wands, and Chalices, while the Courts are Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

The guidebook is the 240 page Green Witch Tarot Companion by Ann Moura. The Introduction familiarises the reader with the basic tenets of Green Witchcraft. This is followed by a Brief History of Tarot, a fairly simple outline of the development of the tarot from use by 11th century gypsies migrating from India, through to it's expansion by the Golden Dawn in the early 20th century. A sub-chapter on Green Witchcraft In The Tarot details some of the primary symbols and their meanings, as well as alignments and correspondences used in this deck. There is information on Reading the Tarot, Consecrating Your Deck, Grounding and Centering for the tarot reader, as well as Beginning, and Doing A Reading. 

If you consider yourself to be a Green Witch, Natural Witch, or Traditional Witch you will undoubtedly find this deck appealing. If you are interested in a more earth-based branch of paganism, or would like to use a tarot deck with strong elements of Celtic mythology, earth energies, or folk lore then this is a wonderful deck for you. While I would not recommend this tarot for complete beginner, those with a little experience could use this deck with ease. It is very user-friendly, goodhearted, detailed, and profound. A lot of thought and knowledge has gone into the creation of the Green Witch Tarot and the end result is a triumph of style and substance.